Back From SUKMA, Terengganu

I’ve just touched down from Terengganu leading the Penang SUKMA contigent. It was a wonderful albeit very exhausting “adventure” into the battlefield of Malaysian sporting greats.

Penang was third in the last 2006 SUKMA in Kedah, this year our aim is to maintain the position and get more golds – 45’s the target. The reason why we are not looking at improving the position is because we are being very realistic especially when the organizers have allowed national players to take part. Other states such as Selangor and Wilayah (4th previously) will have an edge since many of the youngsters are studying/working/ there. Also the age limit has been raised from 19 to 23 and some of the Olympic/international sportwomen and sportmen are around that age competiting with the young ‘uns. Well, cross our fingers. The Penang team including the officials are working very hard. Go Penang! Gold Penang!!

This Sunday, in my constituency, I’ll be organizing a Parents’ Day celebration in Mengkuang Dam. Come folks and join in the fun as we celebrate the love and sacrifice of our Parents. 8am – 12pm, there’ll be contest, free snacks/drinks etc…Hope to see you there!

I’ll be leaving for Terengganu again on Monday for the SUKMA closing ceremony. I hope the closing will be more exciting and most importantly better managed, especially in terms of time and logistics. The Opening was rather dismal.

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