Alternative, Challenging, Exciting and Healthy Youth Activities

P R E S S       S T A T E M E N T


20 JUNE 2008






Let’s give these young and talented people another round of applause.

The youth and young people today have many sort of distractions. Added to that the stress of having to compete in a globalized world increasingly make a demand on them emotionally and psychologically..

To this end, the Penang State Government which believes in holistic development of our young people who are the future of our nations has a vision to encourage them to take a more active part in beneficial activities out of their classrooms and offices. I believe that a holistic development would include exposure to cultural, arts and sports oriented activities. These will not only build up what Daniel Goleman, the best selling psychologist-writer, calls emotional intelligence and social intelligence but also provide a platform for our young people to de-stress and acquire out-of-the-classroom knowledge.

I believe that participating in healthy and safe activities does not mean it has to be boring. I understand that at the passing of time, the young people today are more selective and as I have said, they have many sorts of distractions. In order to encourage them, we have identified and will continue to identify and promote a few what i call alternative activities which is at the same time exciting, interesting and healthy. The excellent performances we have just witnessed are just some of them. These alternative activities such as hip hop dancing, band music, paintball shooting, X-games, motor sports are becoming more affordable these days and will be a challenging alternatives and complementary to the more traditional activities such as board games, fishing, painting and collecting stamps.

This is why beginning with our Malam Belia di KOMTAR tomorrow, and Karnival Hari Belia Pulau Pinang this coming Sunday at Autocity, we are providing the avenue for these sort of activities. For Malam Belia di KOMTAR, we have engaged six very talented bands consisting of young people to do their magic on the Saturday evening. While on Sunday, at Autocity, we’ll have another six bands, with hip hop dancers and traditional dancers, BMX bicycles stunt performance showing off their skills throughout the day from 12pm upto 11pm. In fact, for our hip hop dance competition, I was made to understand that about 20 teams have already registered to participate. I encourage any other teams who wants to take part to come to Autocity on Sunday at 12pm and register yourselves.

We will definitely plan more of these sort of activities in the future and we hope that the public will support this initiative. As part of my effort to be involved and to explore the lifestyle and activities of the young people of today, I have also joined the bandwagon of blogging. I am still a learner in this area, but I hope my blog will be able to not only communicate what is in my thoughts to readers out there, but also to converse with all the readers especially on youth and sports related issue. My blog address is at

Lastly I know that times are difficult for everyone due to the unconscionable petrol policy of the federal government, family entertainment budget may have to make ways for other expenses. I encourage everyone therefore to bring your family to KOMTAR tomorrow and Autocity this Sunday to enjoy not only a stress free family day, but also quality entertainment in support of our local young talents all free of charge. See you there!

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