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Selamat Hari Pahlawan & Muhibbah Crime Watch

Selamat Hari Pahlawan to all our warriors, Polis Diraja Malaysia and our Armed force boys. Your sacrifice is an example of true patriotism, without the concern for partisan politics. Your indiscriminatory protection of Malaysia and her Rakyat without the bias of race, religion and ideology should be emulated by all true Malaysians. I salute you, I pray for you and your families even as you risk your lives for all of us.

This Hari Pahlawan, may we all take a step closer to our national and patriotic goal of creating a trully multicultural Bangsa Malaysia.

And I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate our new Penang CPO, DCP Dato’ Wira Ayub Hj. Yaakob on being promoted as Deputy Commissioner of Police recently. He was just transferred here from Terengganu this month. I met up with him recently and he has shown himself to be a humble and decent gentleman. I hope that under his leadership, the Penang Police Force will improve in their quality of service. Syabas Dato’ Wira!

In the month of Ogos, I will be organizing a Muhibbah Crime Watch campaign in my constituency Berapit. it will be a whole months of dialogue with the grassroot through Rukun Tetangga, JKKK and residential associations on crime prevention matters. The Police has graciously agreed to lend their hand and come down to participate in the dialogues.

There will be a simple launching ceremony tomorow. Details as below. All are invited to attend. We will be giving out free warning whistles as part of our Whistle Blower project to encourage the public to carry a small whistle and to blow it if they witness a crime so as to alert others.

Majlis Perlancaran Kempen Muhibbah Crime Watch

Tarikh : 1-Ogos-2008

Masa : 8.00 PM

Tempat : Bilik Pahlawan 1, Aras 4, Summit Hotel

I will be launching the event with YB Chong Eng, Bukit Mertajam Member of Parliament as our special guest