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Taman Permata Flat Gotong-Royong

Press Release

16 November 2008


This morning, the Residents of Taman Permata flat organized a gotong-royong to clean up their neighbourhood. This was a joint initiative by the Taman Permata Flat Residents Welfare Committee headed by Mr. Veanu a/l Ramuthi and Berapit State Assemblywomen, YB Puan Ong Kok Fooi. DAP Jalan Tembikai branch members also came out to join hands with the residents of all races and age to clean up the area.

11 16日早上, Taman Permata 组屋居民举办一项齐心协力大扫除运动. 这项齐心协力大扫除运动是由Veanu 先生代表Taman Permata组屋爱心协会, 大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士 和 沈志强(王国慧的特别助理)的大三脚行动党登米凯路支部一起举办. 这项齐心协力大扫除运动得到Taman Permata组屋三大民簇居民和大三脚行动党登米凯路支部会员的支持.

The gotong-royong started at 8am and was scheduled to end by noon, but the diligent residents continued to work until late evening. The residents of Taman Permata have been complaining of their unhygienic living conditions for a long time with several empty flat units filled with rubbish and their drains clogged. Yet their complaints fell on deaf ear of the previous BN Government. Since the Pakatan Rakyat State Government took charge, YB Puan Ong has been visiting the neighborhood a few times to have meetings and dialogues with the residents. Today’s gotong-royong is one of the result of the meetings. YB Puan Ong has also approved an RM13000.00 allocation to repair leaking water tanks and main pipes in several of the flats.

这项齐心协力大扫除运动在上午8時開始,並定於中午結束,但勤奮的居民繼續工作,直到傍晚。Taman Permata居民已經抱怨他們的不衛生的生活條件很長一段時間因為幾個空單位單位充滿垃圾和下水道堵塞。然而,前陣政府对他們的投訴充耳不聞.自民联政府負責以後,大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士以经訪問了附近幾次和居民开會和對話. 今天的大扫除运动一會議結果。大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士還批准了一項RM13000.00分配給修理漏水水箱和水管道幾個單位。

For today’s gotong-royong, YB gave an allocation for the purchase of equipments and had also instructed the Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai to lend a hand. DAP Jalan Tembikai members also contributed RM200.00 to purchase food and some other equipments.

今天的大扫除运动,大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士提供一笔款項用於購買設備,並已指示Perbandaran Seberang Perai議會來幫忙。大三脚行动党登米凯路支部成員也有贊助RM200.00購買食品和其他一些設備。



YB Puan Ong commented that “such activities should be organized more often in other neighbourhood as it fosters muhibbah spirit and also responsibility among the Rakyat. Gotong-royong is a uniquely Malaysian culture and should be preserved and continued”.


Today’s event was successful with block C of the flat been massively cleaned up. According to Mr. Veanu, they will organize a few more gotong-royong to clean up the other blocks as well.


“We would like to thank YB Puan Ong, our State Assemblywomen, the Penang State Government, fellow Residents of Taman Permata Flat and also members from DAP who showed up to participate in the gotong-royong”, said Mr. Veanu.

我們要感謝大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士,我們的國家Assemblywomen ,檳城州政府,Taman Permata同胞和全部參加大扫除运动成員, Veanu先生說。

The Taman Permata Flat Residents Welfare Committee was also established as a result from the dialogues with YB Puan Ong. Presently, they are looking forward to establishing the Joint Management Body (JMB) to look into the management of their flats.

Taman Permata居民福利委員會創建從對話大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士之後。目前,他們正期待著建立聯合管理委員會( JMB )管理全部單位。

Steven Sim, DAP Jln Tembikai branch secretary who was there with a few members to participate in the gotong-royong, praised the effort of the state government in organizing this community project. He further said, “We fully support the state government’s initiative to encourage the spirit of muhibbah through healthy community actions such as this. It has been fun and good exercise for our member to spend their Sunday morning in such a meaningful way and we look forward to participate in more of this kind of community activities in the near future”.

沈志强(王国慧的特别助理), 大三脚行动党登米凯路支部秘書誰在那裡與一些成員參加大扫除运动,讚揚州政府組織了這次社區項目. 他進一步說,“我們完全支持州政府的倡議,以鼓勵睦邻的精神和培养責任的人民通過健康的社會活動,這項大扫除运动是樂趣和良好的工作,我們的成員花今天上午在這樣一個有意義的方式,我們期待著更多的參加這種社區活動在不久的將來。


Photos here and here



Penang Fellowship Ride 2008


Penang Fellowship Ride 2008


Berbasikal lah…
Route 1 – Short
– Start from MPPP Heritage Building Esplanade – Lebuh Light – Jln Sultan Ahmed Shah – Jln Larut – Jln Burmah – Jln Pangkor – Gurney Drive(via turn-off at Starbucks/Gurney Hotel) – Jln Tg Tokong – Tg Bungah – Tlk Bahang -Muzium Perhutanan/REFRESHMENT CENTER (Lucky draw coupons will be given to participants checking in to this check point) – Batu Feringghi – Tg Bungah – Jln Tg Tokong – Gurney Drive – Jln Sultan Ahmad Shah – Jln Fahquhar – Lebuh Light – MPPP Heritage Building Esplanade.

Route 2 – Long
– Start from MPPP Heritage Building Esplanade – Lebuh Light – Jln Sultan Ahmed Shah – Jln Larut – Jln Burmah – Jln Pangkor – Gurney Drive(via turn-off at Starbucks/Gurney Hotel) – Jln Tg Tokong – Tg Bungah – Tlk Bahang -Muzium Perhutanan/REFRESHMENT CENTER (Lucky draw coupons will be given to participants checking in to this check point) – Balik Pulau – Jln Baru – Jln Betong – Tlk Bahang – Batu Feringghi – Tg Bungah – Jln Tg Tokong – Gurney Drive – Jln Sultan Ahmad Shah – Jln Fahquhar – Lebuh Light – MPPP Heritage Building Esplanade

Venue : MPPP Heritage Building Esplanade @ Base Camp – START/FINISH
Date : 28th Dec 2008
Time : 8.00am
Cycling group arrangement: Police outriders in front, KOTRT Pace car and participants. Motorized marshal (KTM Superbike Group Pg) and MPPP 4WD sweep/emergency vehicle behind.


1. To promote cycling as a healthy lifestyle

2. To develop Penang as a destination for cycling sports

3. To create mass sports (“sports for all”) and sports tourism activities to impact the tourism industry of Penang

4. To promote Penang’s eco and agro products and heritage trails.


  • RM10.00 fee per participant.
  • Event souvenir T-shirt
  • You get a chance to win lucky draw prizes; provided you complete either the short or long ride
  • Goodies courtesy of our sponsors
  • A Certificate to be given to all who participates.
  • Medals for participants who complete the ride within the time limit

more info and registration details:

In The News: Dancing for a good cause

It was a FABULOUS SHOW! The pictures in the press tell it all…


Monday November 17, 2008

IT was a night when compassion came to the fore as the musical extravaganza A Night at the Theatre, held at the Dewan Sri Pinang recently, raised RM200,000 for four charities.

The sold-out concert saw the talented dancers of Australian dance group Planet Dance Sydney and Penang’s very own Priscilla Ballet Academy mesmerise the audience with 19 routines based on popular musicals, among them Phantom of the Opera, Little Mermaid, Hair-spray, Dreamgirls, High School Musical, Moulin Rouge, Billy Elliot and Mama Mia.

The money raised will benefit the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Asia Community Service (ACS) for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, Shalom House for students with learning difficulties, and Soroptimist International Penang which is a global voice for women.

“The event was a great success made possible by the generosity and kindness of Penangites. Despite the economic slowdown, people came forward to lend a helping hand,” said organising committee chairperson Malicca Ratne.

 theater1Poetry in motion:They are a picture of grace. These ballerinas from Priscilla Ballet Academy are aong several dancers performing at a musical extravaganza in Penang to raise funds for charity.


Smash hit:The rousing finale of Mama Mia capped a wonderful show.


Boisterous:The Australian dancers performing the can-can in a scene from ‘Moulin Rouge’.


Feast for the eyes:Planet Dance Sydney dancers decked out in bright pink and blue costumes for an energetic rendition of ‘Boy From Oz’.


Young talents:Dancers from Priscilla Ballet Academy in colourful costumes for a scene from ‘The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room’.

She said that although ticket sales were a bit slow at the start, they took off once people realised it was a show not to be missed.

“Some purchased tickets although they could not attend and gave the tickets back to us so we could resell them. These double sales helped too,” she added.

With a varied line up of classical ballet, tap dance and jazz numbers performed by dancers in vividly colourful costumes, the routines were a treat of sight and sound.

Despite the tender age of some of the dancers, they executed their moves flawlessly, floating across the stage in unison with each other.

The youngest, 11-year old Chelsea Ovijach, enjoyed her moment under the limelight and was presented with a bouquet from an adoring fan after the performance.

“This is my first time overseas and it has been amazing. The food, the weather and the people here are great,” she enthused.

Each performance was heightened by clever use of colours, lighting, and effects and wonderful choreography.

As the Phantom of the Opera emerged, a shroud of mist enveloped the stage, accented by blue lighting to create an eerie and ghostly mood. The atmosphere was then revved up for the Moulin Rouge number, with dancers performing the energetic Can-Can dance in a sea of red.

According to Planet Dance principal and creative director Jade Dearie, the 21 dancers aged between 11 and 19 who made the trip from Sydney were chosen from about 600 students. Some of them had performed in the United States, the United Kingdom and France previously.

“We practised weekly for the past year. Most of them have been training since young, and are versatile in all styles,” Dearie explained.

Still in their teens, the dancers had big hearts, taking on part-time jobs to make enough money to fund their trip to Penang for the sole purpose of performing for charity.

Their selfless act won them rapturous applause from an appreciating public.

Fifteen-year-old James Lundie, who worked part-time at cafes for about a year, found the whole experience exciting and fun, and was particularly pleased to be able to perform to help the less fortunate.

“These dancers have gone through many rigorous hours of rehearsals to ensure that the generous donors are richly rewarded by dazzling entertainment.

“They have danced their hearts out for all you kind people,” said Priscilla Teoh, artistic director of Priscilla Ballet, in her programme notes.

Penang Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development Committee chairman Lydia Ong Kok Fooi, who was present to witness the spectacle, said such events were in line with the state government’s aim to promote healthy art and entertainment for youths.

Dearie said her group hoped to return for another show in 2010 as they wanted to keep performing for charity.

In The News – Dance troupe comes to town

Following from the below post on A Night At the Theater…


Tuesday November 11, 2008

FOR those who will not be able to catch the all sold-out Mamma Mia musical in Kuala Lumpur, perhaps a musical performance much closer to home in Penang will be a consolation.

Australian dance group Planet Dance Sydney and Priscilla Ballet Academy from Penang are treating locals and musical lovers a charity concert called ‘A Night at the Theatre’ on Saturday at Dewan Sri Pinang in George Town.

There will be songs and dances from shows like Mamma Mia, Billy Elliot, Phantom of the Opera, Dreamgirls, Miss Saigon, Hairspray, Moulin Rouge and High School Musical.


Having a good time: Dancers from Planet Dance Sydney performing a preview show at the Little Sisters of the Poor.

Whatever your preferences are in dance and music, there will surely be a number for you as the show will feature classical ballet, tap and jazz.

While you enjoy the show, you will also have the satisfaction of doing something worthwhile in helping to raise RM200,000 for four charitable organisations.

The charity musical event will benefit the Little Sisters of the Poor, the Asia Community Service (ACS) for children and adults with intellectual disabilities, Shalom House for students with learning difficulties, and Soroptimist International Penang which is a global voice for women.

The organisers from Priscilla Ballet Academy and the four beneficiaries have successfully sold over 950 tickets in the past few weeks and there are just about 30 left at RM100 per seat.

The fund is short of RM50,000. Penang Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development Committee chairman Lydia Ong Kok Fooi, who is also the organising committee’s adviser, urged Penangites to support the good cause and follow the good example shown by the 21 Australian teenagers from Planet Dance Sydney.

“The teens aged 11 to 19 had taken on part-time jobs to make enough money to fund their trip to Penang for this charity event.

“They also donated AUD2,500 (about RM6,000) to the event,” she said after Planet Dance Sydney performed a preview show at the Little Sisters of the Poor yesterday.

For those interested to buy the musical concert tickets, call 04-2276918 or 012-5307233.

Those interested to donate to the fund can do so with cheques made out to ‘Soroptimist International Penang’ and send to c/o Judy Chan, MECI, 1416 Lorong Perusahaan Dua, 13600 Prai, Penang. All donations to the fund are tax deductable.

A Night At the Theater

Yesterday was our first day in the Penang State Assembly, second sitting this year. Due to time constraint, I didn’t have the chance to answer my one and only oral question this session. Looking forward to my wrap up speech, which I am not cracking my head to prepare…

Anyway, I managed to steal some time from the break of the proceeding to go back to KOMTAR to host a group of very beautiful and excellent dancers from Planet Dance, Australia for lunch. They are here to perform at a charity concert organized by Priscilla Ballet Academy this weekend (15th Nov @ 7.30pm) at the Dewan Sri Pinang.

The concert titled “A Night At the Theatre” is endorsed by my Women, Family and Community Development Committee and is in aid of charitable organizations such as The Little Sisters of the Poor, Shalom House, Asia Community Service and Soroptimist International Penang.

I heard tickets have been sold out, but they are still short of funds for the charity. Pls you all good people out there, call them to contribute:

A Night At the Theatre – Charity Concert
c/o Judy Chan, MECI, 1416 Lorong Perusahaan 2
13600 Perai, Penang
Tel 04 3907753
Fax 04 3908419

Anyway, the boys and girls from Australia enjoyed themselves very much with the bird eye view of Georgetown from the top of KOMTAR. I notice their apprehension at our asian food though, maybe they are not too used to it. Sorry folks, thought you wanted to try something new. : )

I will be attending the excellent concert (saw the preview! it was GREAT!) this Saturday with my family. Hope to see you there as well…

Group photographs with the dancers

With Rocket Kids!!!!

Dialogue with Friends and Residents from Taman Desa Palma


Group photo with Residents of Taman Desa Palma after a dialogue session with them.

These are a very dilligent people who are working very hard, contributing their effort, money and time to make their neighbourhood a better, more peaceful place to live in. I salute them!

Currently, they are trying to get their Rukun Tetangga officially established. The forms were submitted to the National Integration Dept. six months ago but up to now their RT cannot kick off yet. I have recently wrote and called to the dept to get them to expedite the process. The Federal Government should recognize the efforts of these good citizens and support them as much as possible. The beuraucratic delay will be a turn off to many, but I am glad to say that the good folks at Taman Desa Palma has been consistent in their effort and never gave up.

Oh ya, they even have a website cum forum where they discuss matters relating to their neigbhourhood:

Bravo Taman Desa Palma!

In The News: Ordeal over for student

There are many people out there who needs help and previously cannot reach anyone, especially anyone in the corridor of power. They are left struggling for existence, even to find the next hot meal on the table.

I am not a politician, I am just a fellow human being trying to make this world a better place with the position and power given to me. I vowed to lessen the sufferings of as many people as I am able to in my terms as an EXCO. Pn. Sabariah and Md. Uzir’s case has been under my attention since September this year. And everytime I think about them and countless other single mothers, OKU or even those who are struggling in poverty who came to me for assistance, my heart burned with a passion against the injustice of the system which impede the livelihood of these people. God give me strength to make the change!!

I call for more people to step forward to help those like Md. Uzir who doesn’t need much, but a little kindness to give them a push out of their dire situation. They are capable but only lack of opportunities.

For photographs of Md. Uzir and their very rundown house (I have since helped him to apply for a low cost flat unit), see the webpage of my special assistance who visited them last Raya…


Tuesday November 11, 2008

HAVING lost his step-father and father in two separate road accidents within two months, a first-year university student was at wit’s end on how to support himself and his ailing mother.

Mohd Uzir Mohd Erwan Tan, 22, said he had “come to a dead end” as to how to care for his mother, Sabariah Abdullah, 51, who suffers from fainting spells, hypertension, diabetes and bronchial asthma.

The English Language Studies and Literature student at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) said his step-father Abdul Rahim Baharum died on July 15 when a lorry hit him while he was walking.

“My own father died on Sept 13 because of a contusion to his head following a hit-and-run accident while he was riding a motorcycle,” said Mohd Uzir of Kampung Aston in Bukit Mertajam.


Tan (left) handing over a cheque to Sabariah, who is accompanied by Mohd Uzir (right). With them is Ong (second left, front row) and some of the chamber’s members.

Incidentally, Sabariah said she herself had been a victim of various accidents from age 24 until recent years, the worst of which was in 1999 when a car knocked down her bicycle and she suffered a crack in her skull resulting in frequent loss of memory.

She said she also met with another accident soon after where she sustained pain in her chest and back until today.

Fortunately for Mohd Uzir, state Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development Committee chairman Lydia Ong Kok Fooi came to his aid when he sought her help in mid-September because he had to pay relatives for bearing the expenses of his father’s funeral.

“I had to borrow from my relatives, who themselves are not rich, and neighbours to help pay for the funeral.

“My relatives were apologetic. They had no choice but to ask me for the money back after that as Hari Raya Aidilfitri was then approaching,” he said.

Ong, who is Berapit assemblyman, said she paid up the RM970 debt to the relatives after verifying that it was a genuine case.

“I also gave the family RM300 and collected RM280 from the personal assistants of all the state executive councillors for their immediate needs and the Hari Raya celebration,” she said.

Ong said Sabariah’s home was in deplorable condition, adding that she was in the process of helping the family apply for a government rental unit at the Wawasan flats in Sungai Rambai, Bukit Mertajam.

She also approached the Penang Chinese Chamber of Commerce (PCCC) for help, and the PCCC, on Monday, donated RM10,000 for Sabariah’s medical needs and a further RM10,000 from its Charity Fund for Mohd Uzir so that he would not have to stop his studies to seek employment.

PCCC president Tan Sri Tan Kok Ping said the PCCC hoped that with the assistance, Mohd Uzir could concentrate on and complete his studies.

Mohd Uzir, who speaks fluent Bahasa Malaysia, English and Mandarin, said he was delighted with the financial aid and a huge burden had been lifted off his shoulders.

Penang X-Flow


To ROCK Penang State begining this December and throughout 2009…

30 types of sports and activities…

1.      Shuffle Dance & Deejaying

2.      Skimboarding

3.      Penang Youth Amazing Race

4.      Penang Youth Dragon Boat Marathon 09

5.      Wall Climbing

6.      Penang Paintball League

7.      Arm Wrestling

8.      Indoor Rowing

9.      Body Building

10.  Chess in the Park

11.  Field Futsal

12.  3 on 3 Basketball

13.  2 on 2 Volleyball

14.  Beach Volleyball

15.  Penang Beach Soccer Circuit

16.  Street Soccer

17.  Futsal

18.  Sepakraga Bulatan

19.  Kayak

20.  Windsurfing

21.  Optimist

22.  Mendaki/Hiking

23.  Youth Run @ Youth Park

24.  Street Netball

25.  Cheerleading Competition

26.  Foosbal

27.  Scuba Diving

28.  Battle of the Band

29.  Superbike

30.  Penang Gaming Championship

Stay tuned for more news and info soon…


In the News: Angling contest and carnival

The response so far has been excellent…for those of you who has yet to register, pls come forward to do so, you can get the registration forms at:


Saturday October 18, 2008

AN angling competition will be held at the Queensbay Mall seafront on Dec 14 in conjunction with the annual Pesta Pulau Pinang.

The event is jointly organised by the state government, the state Youth and Sports Committee and Penang Angling Association.

Penang Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development Committee chairman Lydia Ong Kok Fooi said the event was aimed at promoting angling as a sporting event.

“It will also provide a boost to the tourism industry as well as serving as a money spinner for those in the business,” she said after a soft launch at her office in Komtar on Wednesday.


 Soft launch: Ong taking a closer look at a poster promoting the event. With her is Roslan (second left).

Apart from the competition, there will be a fun-filled carnival with various fun games, including jigsaw puzzles, giant snake-and-ladder and colouring contests.

“We urged the private sector and those interested in sponsoring lucky draw gifts and goodies to come forward before Nov 15,” Ong said, adding that state Tourism Development, Culture, Arts and Heritage Committee chairman Danny Law sponsored RM10,000 for the event.

Penang Angling Association chairman Roslan Meah said first three winners would receive RM8,000, RM3,000 and RM1,500 respectively and a trophy each.

Registration is open from Oct 25 to Nov 30 to the first 700 participants with an entry fee of RM35 each.

Competition will start from 9am to 1pm and participants register from 7am.

For more information, log on to or contact Steven Sim at 04-6505137 or 012-5907507 or KC Yong 016-4118998.

News: Fun-filled beach carnival for 300 children from welfare homes

I had a lot of fun that day…brought my daughter along and she mingled among the crowd rather well although she was a rather shy girl.

Actually, my philosophy is to organize events which have direct impact to the target group, rather than grand and pompous ceremonies and shows. I think the Karnival Hari Raya Bersama Anak Yatim this year met the objectives, there was games, telematches, cultural workshop, clowns, magic shows and food at the beautiful beach of Tanjung Bungah. Direct to the point, short of protocols and massive showdowns. It’s the kids we are celebrating…not the VIPs.

Tuesday November 4, 2008

SOME 300 children from various welfare homes around Penang were recently treated to a two-in-one festive carnival in Tanjung Bungah.

The carnival was organised by the Penang Youth and Sports, Women, Family and Community Development Committee headed by state executive councillor Lydia Ong Kok Fooi.

The fun-filled Hari Raya and Deepavali carnival, held at Tanjung Bungah Beach Hotel, had a number of games and entertainment lined-up for the children from morning to afternoon.

They played telematch games on the beach like coconut bowling and limbo rock, enjoyed a magic show, kompang music, live band and traditional Indian dance performances.

They also learned new things in short cultural workshops.

A team from Universiti Sains Malaysia’s (USM) Tuanku Fauziah Museum and Gallery brought a telescope and some crafts to provide some educational activities for the children.

The children were also entertained by three clowns, who went about teasing them and giving them balloons twisted into the shapes of animals, swords and pistols.

Ong said the gathering was organised to show the children love and care and to let them know that the state government would not neglect them.

“Holding the carnival on the beach by the sea gives the kids a different surrounding to play and enjoy themselves,” she said.

Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng’s wife Betty Chew, who launched the carnival, said in her speech that such events reflected the state government’s giving and sharing spirit as well as its caring policy.

“We appreciate the less fortunate in society and we will strive together with them during hard times like now when we are facing economic uncertainties,” she said.