Dialogue with Friends and Residents from Taman Desa Palma


Group photo with Residents of Taman Desa Palma after a dialogue session with them.

These are a very dilligent people who are working very hard, contributing their effort, money and time to make their neighbourhood a better, more peaceful place to live in. I salute them!

Currently, they are trying to get their Rukun Tetangga officially established. The forms were submitted to the National Integration Dept. six months ago but up to now their RT cannot kick off yet. I have recently wrote and called to the dept to get them to expedite the process. The Federal Government should recognize the efforts of these good citizens and support them as much as possible. The beuraucratic delay will be a turn off to many, but I am glad to say that the good folks at Taman Desa Palma has been consistent in their effort and never gave up.

Oh ya, they even have a website cum forum where they discuss matters relating to their neigbhourhood: http://tamandesapalma.8forum.net/forum.htm

Bravo Taman Desa Palma!

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