Taman Permata Flat Gotong-Royong

Press Release

16 November 2008


This morning, the Residents of Taman Permata flat organized a gotong-royong to clean up their neighbourhood. This was a joint initiative by the Taman Permata Flat Residents Welfare Committee headed by Mr. Veanu a/l Ramuthi and Berapit State Assemblywomen, YB Puan Ong Kok Fooi. DAP Jalan Tembikai branch members also came out to join hands with the residents of all races and age to clean up the area.

11 16日早上, Taman Permata 组屋居民举办一项齐心协力大扫除运动. 这项齐心协力大扫除运动是由Veanu 先生代表Taman Permata组屋爱心协会, 大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士 和 沈志强(王国慧的特别助理)的大三脚行动党登米凯路支部一起举办. 这项齐心协力大扫除运动得到Taman Permata组屋三大民簇居民和大三脚行动党登米凯路支部会员的支持.

The gotong-royong started at 8am and was scheduled to end by noon, but the diligent residents continued to work until late evening. The residents of Taman Permata have been complaining of their unhygienic living conditions for a long time with several empty flat units filled with rubbish and their drains clogged. Yet their complaints fell on deaf ear of the previous BN Government. Since the Pakatan Rakyat State Government took charge, YB Puan Ong has been visiting the neighborhood a few times to have meetings and dialogues with the residents. Today’s gotong-royong is one of the result of the meetings. YB Puan Ong has also approved an RM13000.00 allocation to repair leaking water tanks and main pipes in several of the flats.

这项齐心协力大扫除运动在上午8時開始,並定於中午結束,但勤奮的居民繼續工作,直到傍晚。Taman Permata居民已經抱怨他們的不衛生的生活條件很長一段時間因為幾個空單位單位充滿垃圾和下水道堵塞。然而,前陣政府对他們的投訴充耳不聞.自民联政府負責以後,大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士以经訪問了附近幾次和居民开會和對話. 今天的大扫除运动一會議結果。大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士還批准了一項RM13000.00分配給修理漏水水箱和水管道幾個單位。

For today’s gotong-royong, YB gave an allocation for the purchase of equipments and had also instructed the Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai to lend a hand. DAP Jalan Tembikai members also contributed RM200.00 to purchase food and some other equipments.

今天的大扫除运动,大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士提供一笔款項用於購買設備,並已指示Perbandaran Seberang Perai議會來幫忙。大三脚行动党登米凯路支部成員也有贊助RM200.00購買食品和其他一些設備。



YB Puan Ong commented that “such activities should be organized more often in other neighbourhood as it fosters muhibbah spirit and also responsibility among the Rakyat. Gotong-royong is a uniquely Malaysian culture and should be preserved and continued”.


Today’s event was successful with block C of the flat been massively cleaned up. According to Mr. Veanu, they will organize a few more gotong-royong to clean up the other blocks as well.


“We would like to thank YB Puan Ong, our State Assemblywomen, the Penang State Government, fellow Residents of Taman Permata Flat and also members from DAP who showed up to participate in the gotong-royong”, said Mr. Veanu.

我們要感謝大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士,我們的國家Assemblywomen ,檳城州政府,Taman Permata同胞和全部參加大扫除运动成員, Veanu先生說。

The Taman Permata Flat Residents Welfare Committee was also established as a result from the dialogues with YB Puan Ong. Presently, they are looking forward to establishing the Joint Management Body (JMB) to look into the management of their flats.

Taman Permata居民福利委員會創建從對話大三脚武拉必洲议员王国慧女士之後。目前,他們正期待著建立聯合管理委員會( JMB )管理全部單位。

Steven Sim, DAP Jln Tembikai branch secretary who was there with a few members to participate in the gotong-royong, praised the effort of the state government in organizing this community project. He further said, “We fully support the state government’s initiative to encourage the spirit of muhibbah through healthy community actions such as this. It has been fun and good exercise for our member to spend their Sunday morning in such a meaningful way and we look forward to participate in more of this kind of community activities in the near future”.

沈志强(王国慧的特别助理), 大三脚行动党登米凯路支部秘書誰在那裡與一些成員參加大扫除运动,讚揚州政府組織了這次社區項目. 他進一步說,“我們完全支持州政府的倡議,以鼓勵睦邻的精神和培养責任的人民通過健康的社會活動,這項大扫除运动是樂趣和良好的工作,我們的成員花今天上午在這樣一個有意義的方式,我們期待著更多的參加這種社區活動在不久的將來。


Photos here and here



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