In The News: Weekly recreation

We are rushing to print and distribute the state youth and sports calendar. My team is working like crazy to get them finalized…I was glad that we have finally kicked off the weekends at Esplanade event. I hope the locals (and tourists alike) will take the opportunity to participate in these activities.

Let’s bring back the spirit of community in Penang.

Monday February 16, 2009


THE historical Esplanade in Penang will be bustling with activities every Saturday night and Sunday morning with interesting things to see, learn, and do.

The weekend activities such as games and live musical performances are being organised by the state Youth, Sports, Women, Family and Community Development Committee.

There will be fun and new things to learn about fishing and kite flying in programmes like sembang sembang ikan (chatting about fish) and trick kite flying.

Last Saturday evening, anglers from the Penang Angling Association and kite flyers from the Kite Enthusiasts of Penang (KEOP) made an appearance at the Esplanade field to demonstrate their skills in their respective sports and share their knowledge with the public.

The anglers were introducing angling as a healthy pastime and a type of fishing not widely practised locally, namely fly-fishing.

Penangites can look forward to taking part in various recreational activities to be organised every weekend at the Esplanade.

Association committee member Ben Choong said clinics would be held to teach fly-fishing, a 3,000 year-old technique popular in the US and Europe.

“This technique uses fake baits that are made of cloth, feather and other materials to resemble insects, squids or small shrimps.

“Fly-fishing is easy to learn, even for ladies, because it does not require strength,” he said.


Dominique Labrooy from KEOP attracted the attention of children playing at the Esplanade with his big kites that were capable of performing stunts and tricks in flight.

Although there was not enough wind to give flight to his special kites that evening, the unique-looking flying devices that could fetch anything from RM300 to RM2,000, are sure to give a good show in the months to come.

Committee chairman Lydia Ong Kok Fooi said the year-long programme was aimed at creating a social space for healthy and positive community development through low-cost healthy recreational activities for the public, especially youths.

“Our programmes such as the independent arts and music festival will provide a platform for budding performers to develop their talents,” she said.



Choong’s wife Yean Woo flying the kite at the Esplanade.

“About 60 bands from Penang and neighbouring states have already signed up to play at the festival.

“The festival is on every last Saturday of the month. There will also be people doing cosplay and a bazaar, where young entrepreneurs sell their handicrafts,” she said.

On the outdoor movie theatre that is not ready to kick off, she said her committee was working to iron out budget and copyright issues before unveiling the free open shows by next month.

“Hopefully by March, we will be able to fill our weekends with the planned activities,” she said.

All the activities will be on a rotating schedule.

The outdoor movie theatre is on every first Saturday of the month, the kite flying and sembang sembang ikan on second Saturdays, cultural and traditional activities on third Saturdays, and the Penang independent arts and music festival, and creative bazaar on fourth Saturdays.

Community exercises such as aerobics, taichi and line dancing are on the first Sundays of each month, radio-controlled vehicles on second Sundays, community jog on third Sun-days, and the Penang Heritage Experience on Wheels bicycle tour on every last Sunday.

The Saturday evening programmes will be from 6pm to 11pm while the Sunday morning activities will be from 6am to 11am.

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