PGI-EM(Penang Government’s  Initiative for Environmental Management using EM®)

PGI-EM is a task force formed by the Penang State Government with the participation of public and representative of NGOs from Penang. The duty of the task force is to help the government in implementing environmental remediation using EM technology.

PSDC (Penang Skill Development Centre) under the leadership of Dato’ Booler, is helping us organising a big environmental event on 8th August 2009. At this event, we intend to get as many factories as possible to make EM mud balls to clean up rivers around the FTZ area.

1.0       WHAT IS EM ?

EM stands for Effective Microorganisms. It is a complex culture of naturally occurring, beneficial microorganisms such as photosynthetic (phototrophic) bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeasts. It is a technology to purify and revive nature with the power of living organisms. EM was developed by Dr. Teruo Higa, professor at the University of the Ryukyus.

EM has a wide range of application: purifying water and sewage, improving recycled water, solving sanitary problems, and improving the environment as well as use in agriculture, animal husbandry, fisheries, and food production.

London – Presentation on water treatment and odour control of garbage.


EM is now used in over 130 countries, among which many countries, such as Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan and others, use the technology in governmental projects.

Malaysia lags behind in this effort.

2.0       EM IN JAPAN

Japan has used EM technology to clean up more than one hundred (100) polluted and dead rivers over the last  20 years. EM is a proven technology in environment management and all the rivers that have been treated with EM in Japan have also managed to resuscitate aquatic life, bringing back all the fishes and others water life form and aquatic plants.

Many sewage treatment plants in Japan and other countries have also use EM technology to increase its performance to the extent of omitting the use of mechanical plants and great saving in electricity.            

 3.0       HOW TO DO IT – Environmental Projects

EM Seminar London 2007 – Preparing for the upcoming Olympics

In Japan, the cleaning up of the environment is very much a community initiated effort in the beginning. However, seeing the phenomenal success in cleaning up the rivers and the overall environment in Japan and so many other parts of the world, the efforts of Dr. Teruo Higa and NGOs worldwide had received not only recognitions of their respective governments but also wide support. Many environmental project using EM are now initiated by the government but implemented with the help of community volunteers. Funding is mainly from public donations and corporate sponsors.


So far two corporate concerns in Penang have adopted two rivers respectively.

Golden Sand Resorts has adopted a river Sg. Mas for sustainable cleaning and Hunza Property Bhd. has adopted Sg Kelian at Tanjung Bungah. The projects are ongoing and the results are quite prominent.


Dato’ Boonler, who is trained as ecologist has spearheaded the initiative to invite   factories from Penang to participate in this endeavour for the environment.

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