Penang 3rd International Skimboarding Competition 2009




 What is this skimboarding?. Skimboarding is a hybrid water sport crossed between surfing and skateboarding. Unlike surfing, a skimboarder will surf on smaller shore break waves compared to surfers surfing on bigger point break waves. They will perform tricks like those done by skateboard players on the street. The only difference is that it will be done on the first shore break waves or skim on wet sand along the beach.

This tournament will be participated by a total of 48 youth from 6 countries such as Australia, Hong Kong, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan and Malaysia.  And as this event fall on the very day of the TYT birthday this year, I do hope that the public and communities would take the opportunity of the public holiday, to come and be part of this event. I also would like to extend my invitation to all Penang youth to come here and give your strong support to our Malaysian contingent in their battle against the participated countries.

It has been part of my portfolio under the Youth and Sports Committee to encourage a variety of healthy and challenging activities among our young people. And as such, the objective set by the Penang Skimboarding Association to promote healthy living amongst youth and building a healthy active skimboarding community here in Penang is strongly supported and endorsed by the Penang State Government.

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