“Then and Now” pictures of Sg. Kelian

sungai keling 5d
The original condition of Sungai Kelian

sungai keling 1a

The current view  after throwing in the Em-Mudball

sungai keling 3c

Close Up View of the “THEN” condition

sungai keling 2aThe current view on the same location close up

The “then” photos were taken by Dr. Wan’s department and the “Now”
pictures were taken at 4.00 pm 2nd July 2009.

Representative from EM Research Organisation of Japan for Asia
Pacific, Mr. Jun Matsumoto and Mr. Yasushi Nishibuchi requested to
visit the two rivers that have been treated with EM. While Sugei Mas
shows significant improvement from before, the result at Sugei Kelian
was astonishing. The sludge at the river bed was totally removed by
the effect of EMAS inoculation and the EM mud balls.

Please comparethe photos. Only sand were left at the substrate. The water alsoappears much cleaner. Amazing. JPS has been advised to take watersample for analysis.

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